28 March 2012

TEASER : No Pork In My Make-Up (:



I can't wait to share this great product with all of you my sisters!
InsyaAllah this coming week..

Much love from me!

05 March 2012

BANGKOK : A Time Out


Enjoy the pictures...It's all about my husband and me (well,mostly me..ehhehee..) having a great time in Bangkok..Alhamdulillah for everything..

Stripes top I've worn a thousand times and never get tired of it..

CALAQISYA's most comfy knitted top! I LOVE IT!

busy streets around Pratunam area..

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Wore my tribal cardi as an inner


The only Muslim restaurant in Chatuchak

The original gluten rice with mango

Frozen pineapple on a sunny day? HEAVEN!!

He loves it and I love him..ehhehee
Too tired to even smile..

Nerds for life!
Last round of shopping

Again..I'm packing

My two loyal companions

I just love looking at this..Feel like I'm in a movie

bye bye Bangkok..

Find the differences

RUNNING MAN on his new gadget

My junk

The hubby's asleep
The wifey ??

Peace out ombre!!
hello Malaysia!

Alhamdullilah for everything..We enjoyed it very much although it's just a short trip but I'm happy as I'm with Dzul and we might come back again InsyaAllah...Bangkok is an amazing place to shop because the price is cheaper compared to Malaysia but sight seeing-not so much which was great for us because that's the main reason we choose Bangkok and ended up with four luggage bags.. LOL!!

Much love from me Suri