17 July 2011

A Wedding


Congratsssss to Oda,elder sister of Nurul for her wedding yesterday! Thank you to Nurul and her family for inviting me.I'm sorry I couldn't stay long and didn't get the chance to meet the groom but I had a great time.The food was great and sampai sekarang masih teringat-ingat kerabu mangga kemarin! Sedaaaaappppp..Siap ada ice cream lagi okayyy! Tidak pernah saya pegi mana-mana wedding yang kasi sedia ice cream ah untuk tetamu..Hebat! According to the bride sisters,itu kerja Kak Batul..ahhahaaa...Thank you!!

Oda the bride memang cantik hari tu tapi saya tiada ambik gambar yang satu badan sebab busy photographer dorang and it wouldn't be appropriate to interrupt them doing their job.I took some pictures while I was there tapi tidak banyak but still,I hope you'll enjoy them.

To Oda and Fadhli,I wish you both the best in your marriage.May Allah SWT bless you with all the happiness this life may bring and cepat-cepat make cute babies okay!! <3

Didn't notice ada penyengat! Lariiiiii!!!

Cute flower girl


I wore something simple that day.I matched this brown vintage blouse from Offline shop (Anaabu racks)
with my old jawa sarong.

Much love from me Suri <3

04 July 2011

The Ex's Dilemma


Have you ever been in love? Pernah? Yes? No? YES?! Eh eh eh...How old are you? Apa???!!! Baru sekolah rendah pandai-pandai mengaku pernah in love konon!! Sudah! Go back to school and learn something useful..Aisehmen..budak-budak sekarang bukan main ah...*iklan sekejap*

I have my fair share of love although it wasn't always that good but I've no regrets.What important to me now is that - Alhamdulillah I'm married to a wonderful guy and I'm happy! But this entry is not about me so I'll skip this part..ehheheee..*iklan lagi*

I believe most of us have been in and out of love so many times in our life kan? Tidak kisah la berapa kali,seribu kali pun if you still believe that your true love is out there,you'll keep on trying and searching for that right person,am I right? Kalau tidak cari pun doesn't mean that you won't get involve with anything that got to do with love.If feeling is involved,anything is possible even if it means falling in love with the same person all over again.Yes,the same person that may have broken your heart months or years ago..

Google bagi image ni

Want to make a story (direct translation of "hendak dijadikan cerita"),a friend of a friend of mine is having a dilemma with her ex.They've already broken up for few months when she realize that she still have feelings for him.She still loves him and wanted him back but the problem is her ex doesn't feel the same way.You see,he had already moved on.Based on her story,it seems like he ignored her but she won't give in.What bothers me most is why did she broke up with him in the first place? Well I did ask her but she seems reluctant to tell me and only mention that there were problems and I didn't ask further so I just kept quiet.If she was my best friend I would definitely kick her butt for even thinking about going back to her ex! I mean,that's a no no right? Going back to your ex is just..I don't know..

 What about you? Would you go back to your ex? If you were in her situation,would you do the same thing? If he ignores you,would you stop or would you keep on trying or even beg for him to take you back? OR just put aside your feelings and continue with your life - move on? Okay,banyak tanya pulak Suri ni..I myself suck at relationship and giving advise regarding these matter is definitely not my specialty! Kalau saya bagi advise pun belum tentu boleh pakai and for me to follow my own advise pun susah-susah..BUT,I did came up with few (negative) reasons why people wanna go back to their ex's but this is female version la :

1.You realize that you still love him and wants him back <--macam my friend situation la (Usually happen when it's already too late so BOOOO!!)

2.Out of nowhere you decided to stalk your ex-bf's FB and suddenly nampak dia jadi handsome and rasa rugi pulak kau tinggalkan dia sedangkan muka dia macam tuuu jugak dari dulu sampai sekarang.The truth is you felt jealous when you saw him with his new gf! (Hah! Siapa terasa?!)

3.Ex-bf kau menang loteri!! You're this materialistic type of girl so by getting back with your ex kiranya kau pun ikut 'menang loteri' jugak la..
p/s: loteri itu judi,berjudi itu haram

4.Kau dah tidak laku.Every guy around you are too scared to be near you sebab kau couple skejap putus,couple sekejap putus,couple lagi sekali-putus jugak lagi sekali!

5.Carik sendiri..I've no more bull to shit <---- ?????

Doesn't matter what the reasons are,baik ka buruk ka it still depends on how you handle the situation AFTER you get back together.You have to ensure the reason/problem for your FIRST break up won't occur as it might lead to your NEXT! If it's not worth it than move on because no matter how people always said that it's worth the try,it is important to know when to stop trying.Listening to others advise is good but do not settle for what other people think is right for you.Jodoh itu ditangan Allah SWT tapi jangan jadikan ia alasan untuk jadi leka dan jangan lupa,Dia bagi kita otak untuk berfikir mana satu yang baik dan buruk.

Being in love is the greatest feeling but when it hurt,it hurts badly and yet it's not the end of it! <3

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 *bercinta lepas kahwin lagi best and halal lagi!*

Much love from me,