25 June 2012



There's nothing wrong with being a little bit dramatic sometimes,right?
Hmmmm...If only these pictures were more clearer... 
New camera??

Much love from me!

17 June 2012

The Opposite


Just a quick update as I need to sleep early for work (..and yes,I'm feeling lazy as always..) and I still haven't finish sorting out the parcel for tomorrrow..Anyhoo,thank you for shopping with me and InsyaAllah there'll be more stuff in near future :)

Scarf from Calaqisya/Dress from Thepoplook/Outer from my sister/Bag from Clubmod
 Gambar ni pun edit pakai iPad apps sebab terlalu malas pakai laptop..Maafkan kemalasan saya,saya busy membungkus barang..Eheheheee...

Before that,I've some Tribal Update for you guys! Do check 'em out!

Much love from me!

16 June 2012

Scarves Update : New


I've new scarves update today! Yeay!

Much love from me!

15 June 2012

Friday updates


Hi guys! Just wanted to let you know that I've updated my humble shop today..Feel free to check 'em out! :)

InsyaAllah,next week I'll be having an updates on headscarves! Wait for it......

Much love from me!

11 June 2012

An Eventful Day


From Ayu and Hairul's akad nikah to their reception and than Dian Pelangi's Plastic Doll and Rainbow Raya Collection showcase..FUH!!..Yet another busy weekend for me.. 

Dato' CT in da house!

I adore her so much!

And this is what I wore

My outerwear is from a vintage dress that I cut the skirt off..I've worn it before on Nurul's birthday last year :)
Scarf from Aussie/Dress from ThePopLook/Slingbag from MANGO/Heels from Vincci
 My first DIY ruffled necklace! I'm definitely gonna made some more of this!
 I love my gold/black chain bracelet..It's actually from an old blouse of mine..Cut it off and throw the blouse away!

Much love from me!

06 June 2012

Busy as a bee


A busy weekend I must say but alhamdulillah,everything went well at Azya's bazaar (click here for my earlier post about Azya's bazaar) Still am tired but I've to get ready for my flight this evening :( ...On another unrelated note,I lost my glasses again! So right now,I'm literally kissing the computer screen to make-sure that I don't have any hypos..I mean typos! *ok tak lawak*
Ooo..there's my glasses! I thought I've lost you..
All of us awesome people! Ok,lawak gila Farah nampak kepala dengan sunglass! Ahahahaa..
I was helping Calaqisya with the model's hijab and get to style Diana Amir's!! Yeay! Thank you Jiha for these pictures <3.. Muka pucat bukan sebab tak mekap but it's actually due to nervousness..Peace!

She's all ready to rock the runway!
Also helping Yatt with her hijab at a very last minute..She was super nice and friendly! When I asked her what kind of style that she wanted (ok..soalan itu agak poyo considering I'm not even a stylist but c'mon,I was damn nervous..ahahaha),she told me she's okay with any style as long as it covers her chest area..RESPECT! So I chose a turban style and layer it with another scarf and tied both end to secure it..I hope she likes it thou..

Stiff pose from me as usual mesti ada..I'm wearing NWW dress,unbranded pink top as an inner,Thepoplook floral palazzo,Vinnci heels,MANGO snake sling bag and scarf bought from Aussie..What do you think of my lips belt? I made it myself and I love it so much! Even Nurul pun suka jugak!

*The day after*

The event continued the following day and it was Jezmine of Old Blossom Box and Nurul of NWW's turn to show their new designs.I was actually on morning shift that day but my flight landed early so I've managed to reached Damansara on time to help them..
Putting on my swag face! Ahahahhaaa..
 Noticed that I'm wearing this stripes top again for the gazillion times? Well I did mention before that this is one of my favourite top and I brought this with me in my working luggage bag just in case of any un-plan nightstops which is actually a mandatory things to bring as a cabin crew.. I wasn't planning on going back home after work that day and went straight to Damansara as I've promised to help Nurul to style their model's hijab..I know..I know..I look boring with black and white while the rest of them are so colorful..Apa boleh buat la,baju tu saja yang saya selalu bawa...Too tired to pack the night before...zzZZZZ

Gosh! We looked extremely short standing next to this lady..Tidakkkkkk!!!

Jiha the future pro photographer!
Orang kuat Nurul Wonder Wardrobe
with the beauties!
Color coordinate! Ini mesti dah janji ni kan?
The proud owners of Emlyn.Bought a beautiful top from them that I can't wait to wear! Still can't face the fact that their tribal maxi skirt was sold out thou! Gahhhh!!!

The ever stylish and gorgeous Ami!
 Sebelum bersurai,Rina Salleh dipaksa menggayakan satu lagi koleksi terbaru dari NWW tanpa dibayar sesen pun! Rina : Nurul,I'll see you in court! *drama*

Alhamdulillah everything went well and I was so glad that I get to help them.It was a great experience for me.. Biarpun tudung senget and I was sweating like crazy,it was fun!!..Tengok,saya senyum sebab saya happy :)

Ohhhh pak guard..I feel you! Both of us just had to take a seat due to this hectic and hot day kan? Anyhoo,that was basically what I've been up to last weekend..Thank you for those who came,helped,shopped and hi hi bye bye me!

Much love from me!

*some of the pictures are taken by JIHA <3