30 April 2012

26 isn't just a number...


Alhamdulillah I'm officially 26 this month...

By Ben's Cookies.. Best wa cakap lu!

Saya Datin Suri!! Yeay!!

Sesi potong orang..Eh! potong kek

Muka happy dapat hadiah

Love 'em all! p/s: Tengok muka Yana and Wan..JODOH!

With the beautiful mummy Oda..

Awesome people

OhhhSome people

I am deeply touched by this birthday surprise and I wanna say thank you to Kak Batul,Nurul,Yana,Farah,Izzah,Oda,Wan and Ben and the gang yang memang awesome!! To Abg.Ben (abang ke adik? ehhehee...) your smarties cookie cake was sedap sehingga menjilat hidung and even my hubby loves it! Again, thank you for the gazillion thousand times to all of you for the surprise,the gifts,the crazy games and most of all your love..

Much Love from me Suri

28 April 2012

Bought 'em..Never wear 'em


You know how sometimes we buy stuff that we don't really need just because it's cheap or maybe because at that time you might be thinking "Oh! This kinda look nice on me.." or "..I should get those,I might need it someday.." so you just bought it,without knowing that it might ended up unused or untouched or whatever..

A person as myself who doesn't have that much money to cater all my ridiculous needs of having a huge closet full of expensive and beautiful clothes (which,I don't have btw..) does experience this problem sometimes..Although sometimes I'll wear them eventually after I've figured out how or when to wear them before deciding to sale or just gave 'em to my sister tapi kadang-kadang rasa macam sayang pulak.. Yes,sayanggggg... I'm not the type of person yang senang-senang buang barang just because I don't see the use of it anymore,kena fikir banyak kali itu pun belum tentu buang! It's actually a good thing and not so good either as it I might need some of the stuff later yet it takes a lotta space.. Ahhhhh! Decision..Decision..

Bought this midi tutu dress from RedrumMurder and I don't know what was I thinking at that time.. Although it's a simple dress but I have no idea on how to style it..Nope! No idea at all.. So yeah,this dress will be in my closet-unused for a long period of time..What a waste biarpun murah!


I have this tweed jacket since early last year if I'm not mistaken and I never get to wear it until now! Well to be honest,jacket ni sebenarnya tebal and that's one of the real reason why I never use it sebab tak logik la guna baju tebal-tebal dengan cuaca panas terik di Malaysia ni kan..Apa buang tebiat ka?! Tapi lagi la tak logik sebab suda tau tebal tapi beli jugak..Oh,mungkin at that time saya angan-angan,"..alaaaahhh,tahun depan kan pegi London! Boleh main salji dengan penuh bergaya pakai tweed jacket ni! Awww!!.." ..Yeah,right! 

Pendek cerita jangan beli kalau setakat ikut nafsu..Impulse purchase or impulse buying orang putih cakap..Orang putih cakap,bukan saya cakap..

p/s : Membazir itu amalan syaitan..<-- It's a very well-known fact and yet most people ignored it.. *note to myself*

Much love from me Suri...

23 April 2012

Kecelaruan Maklumat by Matluthfi


Yeay!! Matluthfi vlogger terkenal Malaysia dah upload video dia yang terbaru...Jom layan dulu!!

Apa yang dia cakap ni memang betul,sekarang ni banyak sangat orang suka sebar maklumat-maklumat palsu! Tak kisah la pasal apa hal sekali pun,semua nak tipu..Yang orang kita ni pun senang sangat percaya bila ramai la sangat orang share kononnya 'maklumat' dekat Facebook tu betul tanpa nak periksa sejauh mana kebenarannya..

Kepada yang suka menyebarkan maklumat palsu tu tolonglah berhenti sebab tak bawa faedah pun and yang suka sangat share-share maklumat tu tak salah tapi atleast buat kajian dulu,paling senang tak payah share kalau tak tahu.. :)

Much Love from me Suri

22 April 2012



I know..I know..The red pants again! What can I say,I was in a hurry to buy something the other day and too lazy to iron my skirts or palazzo so I just grab and wear this..

This pants have become quite loose which is good by the way as it was a bit tight before and became even more comfortable to wear...Eheheee..

Scarf from Bangkok/Top from F21/Ring from F21/Bag from BERSHKA/Pants from MNG  

BERSHKA color block handbag

Random rant : It's been a busy and tiring week for me..I've so many long flights and I couldn't get enough sleep.All I want right now is eat some hot soup,watch Running Man and cuddling with my husband..

Much love from me Suri!

16 April 2012



Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.. - Muhammad Ali

Top from Bangkok
Dress worn as a skirt from ThePoplook
Flower clip from F21
Rose ring from OU
Bag from Bershka
Loafer from Sg.Wang

14 April 2012

Skull N' Roses


Red isn't really my favourite colour but it's okay I guess.. I don't know..

Top from ThePoplook/ Maxi dress (inner) from Sentral/Loafer from Sg.Wang

Much Love from me!

12 April 2012

F.C.C : Make-Up Your Mind


When talking about 'HALAL' it doesn't only consist of what we-as a Muslim eat or drink but also what we wear or put on our body and in this case -> MAKE UP... Have you ever heard of F.C.C ? It was formerly known as FARMASI - a certified HALAL Turkish cosmetic that offers a wide range of make up especially for us ladies and the important thing here is it's HALAL!

F.C.C or Farmasi Colour Cosmetic offers you an extremely affordable  make up essentials with beautiful vibrant colours and each product is packed with Vitamin E,not to mention the nice scent that you'll experience everytime you put them on! It helps built up our confidence even more if we smell nice right?

Well,what are you waiting for? Get them HERE quick! InsyaAllah you guys will fall in love with this brand just as I did..

Let me share some of my favourites so far...

FCC Silky Touch Compact Powder

FCC Powder Pearls Blush (Came in 4 colours)
FCC Terracotta 4 Colours Eyeshadow (6 palettes available)
FCC Optimal Style Mascara for a quick natural long-lash looks and their best-selling KOHL Eye Pencil in Extra Black

FCC Maxi Rouge Lipstick (Crystal Look)

Much Love from me!

02 April 2012

I Love You to the MAXi !!??


I have always had difficulties choosing the right outfit to wear - EVERYTIME!! It's not a matter of looking good or anything,it's all about being comfortable especially if it requires me to wear the same outfit throughout the whole day.. I've been in a situation where I've chosen to wear a pants just because it look good on me without considering how much difficulty it would brought me afterwards! Yeahhh of course I look good (puiihhh!!) tapi satu hari struggling to make sure it wouldn't fall down everytime I bend over! So much for looking good while trying to keep my pants up all the time kan? *facepalm*

Anyhoo,lepas start bertudung ni,I'm more into maxi skirt :) ..It's comfy and the best part is it's not tight (unless you're wearing the one that does..Duh!) .. Sekarang ni,most of the time memang pakai maxi skirt sja..Pergi mana-mana pun maxi skirt sebab senang! I've bought most of my skirts from ThePopLook as the quality's good and it's affordable.I've got like in six different colors from them sebab malas keluar jalan beli dekat shopping mall as I hate crowds and I'm an extremely lazy person! Eeheheheee...

camera hanpon la katakan

Ni saja gambar yang saya mampu upload untuk post pasal maxi skirt ni sebab tak ingat mana saya letak gambar-gambar lain..Nasib la jugak ada gambar baru untuk di share,takdela menyampah korang tengok gambar yang sama kan? Ahahahaaa... 

Much love from me!

p/s : On a serious note,I would like to say THANK YOU to all my deary readers for spending time reading my ntah apa-apa ntah blog,I appreciate it very much! <3



Alhamdulillah,F.C.C and Fashion Valet had officially announced their collaboration on FV website last Saturday,so lepas ni tak payah pergi kedai kalau nak beli makeup F.C.C! Just buy it online and they'll send it to you,easy!
I had a great time with the beautiful girls Yana,Farah,Sheril,Azrina and Shea! Mintak maaf la kepada Kak Wanie sebab kitaorang habiskan makanan cepat sangat..Ni masalahnya ni kalau semua pun gila makanan,susahla tahan nafsu apalagi kalau makanan colourful sangat! eheheeee...
The best part of the event was Farah won the best kiss and Shea won the best dress! Yana and me won the best Tukang Makan! Congrats to all of us,yeay!!

credit goes to Shea for this pic

Aikkk..Sheril pun ada lagi?


ni baru lengkap! semua ada!


mata dah mcm tak boleh bukak sebab penat and mengantuk

candylicious la sgt clip tu..
 I've decided to go with pastel and neon colour as I was attracted to one of Tongue Chic article about this two opposites colours being mixed for this Spring/Summer and I love it! I don't know if I've succeeded  in mixing it but I love it..Pastels and Neons together? Not bad...Eheee...

Much love from me!