29 July 2012

Days to go..


Sekejap saja sudah 9hari kita berpuasa kan? Rasa sekejap sangat!
You can even hear raya songs playing out loud everywhere...
Too early for raya song,puasa dulu :p

Retro White Bag from SAShop

Scarf from SAShop / Unbranded gold top / Outer top from EmLyn
Skirt from ThePoplook

 Yesterday was fun,had my iftar with the ladies at Wonder Wardrobe..First time pergi bazaar Ramadhan dekat Shah Alam :)
Tribal print on all of us? Tidak dirancang sama sekali..Ahahaa

  And,this is GOOD NEWS for all of you who still couldn't find your perfect raya outfit!!
Nurul Wonder Wardrobe will be having their official launch of  'Wonder Raya Collection' next week!
Next week bila? InsyaAllah this Wednesday,so be quick!!
 Here's a few sneak peek :)

Suri yang kaku macam batu ni boleh ke bergaya depan kamera? Kaku pun kaku la..Yang penting best!!

Much love from me!

14 July 2012

Oh! My Satin..



Trust me,it's not..This is just me trying to wrap my satin scarf with my own so-called style
and yeah,I'm having fun with it! Definitely gonna be wearing satin more after this :p

Huh? How to? 

Fuhh!! Penin..Penin..Ikat ponytail jugak tudung ni!

Turban style boleh..

The side-swept style..I always love to wrap my square cotton scarf like this!
With a satin? No problem :)
Satin flows better than cotton
The easiest style! Quick and easy! *muka gumbira*
Told ya it's not a tutorial! Ahahahaaa... Annoying kan? I know some of you have asked for a tutorial on how I wrap my scarf and trust me,I tried doing it but I just can't *facepalm* It's not as easy as it looks macam dalam youtube tu :(
InsyaAllah,when I finally gain my confidence,I will...

Much love from me!

p/s: I'm having a stock clearance at my shop,do check it out! More new awesome stuff coming soon for raya! InsyaAllah :) 

10 July 2012



My baby sister just got her first pay and decided to treat her awesome sister for a late dinner!
My..My...Not so baby anymore-my little sister Areena..

Vincci flats

..and of course,me and my awkward pose! What's with the mouth??
Top from ThePoplook

Palazzo from ThePoplook
Bag from Clubmod..It fits everything,my iPad,my camera,my phone,my wallet,my husband..Eh?!! 
 Much love from me!

05 July 2012



I've updated my blogshop with some new dresses,tops and maxi skirt! All are new and incredibly cheap price :) Do check 'em out ok!

Sebelum itu...

Alhamdulillah sebab saya dan orang2 yang saya sayangi masih bernafas dan masih sempat menyambut bulan Syaaban dan InsyaAllah kalau dipanjangkan umur,tidak sabar untuk menyambut bulan mulia yakni bulan Ramadhan!!

Saya doakan kita semua mendapat keampunan,keberkatan dan dimurahkan rezeki dariNya :)

Salam Syaaban wahai saudara Muslimku!

Much love from me!

03 July 2012



 Nothing like spending quality time with my best friend,my soul-mate,my beloved husband :) 
Besok dah start kerja,I've 5days flight duties and am definitely gonna be busy as hell! I appreciate every second that I'm with my husband,staying together doesn't mean that it will ever be enough to see him everyday..

Ini Encik Dzul Taha,he's not feeling well but wanted to go out for some fresh air..
My camera shy-beloved-adorable husband doesn't like having his photo taken..eheheheee
Unbranded headscarf/Sugarscarf Inner/F21 Cardi/Unbranded top as inner/DIY necklace/F21 ring/Old-skinny jeans/
Unbranded handbag/Vincci heels
Cute heart-shape pins I bought from TYPO
My DIY necklace! Made it from an old scarf and using some of my bangles as pendants..

Ini isteri En.Dzul Taha,kaki camwhoring.. :)  
Much love from me!