21 October 2011

I'm Blushing


How's your week so far? Mine is super slow but Alhamdulillah everything's good..My November roster just came out last week and as always most of my flights are long but Alhamdulillah,insyaAllah masyuk (ok..ini dusta..).Boleh beli sebijik Ferrari (ini lagi dusta!!)..Memang stress but itulah tempat saya cari rezeki..Today I'm on standby (on call duty) and office didn't call me up so yippie!!
Anyhoo,I've got some few extra time for myself as the hubby's on morning duty and he'll be back later this evening so my Lx5 will be my loyal companion sekejap..






Don't you just love soft pastel colour? Although I favor darker colour,soft colour isn't a bad choice either.. :>

Much <3 from me Suri

20 October 2011

Crystalize Colours & Shapes

 I can't sleep as per usual so I figured why not taking random  pictures of my stuff? But of course with some simple editing so it won't look boring..Well,atleast I hope so..Ahahahaaa..

It's boring isn't it?

18 October 2011

It Breaks My Heart


How can someone just stood by doing nothing?
How can someone just walked away without feeling any guilt?
How can someone act as if they are blind and didn't see a thing?
How can someone became so deaf they couldn't hear her loud cries?

How can someone be so heartless?

It breaks my heart to see how cruel human can be towards each other and it's killing me that this little child had to suffer because of these stupid ignorant people! These people should be ashamed of themselves because they are worse than killers! I have seen so many cruelty in this world but this is just heartbreaking..This is sad..Astaghfirullahalazim...

07 October 2011

My baby LX5


Alhamdulillah..I've got a new compact camera thanks to my dearest hubby! I've always had my eye on this camera tapi asyik tangguh sebab kedekut sangat nak beli pakai duit sendiri rasa sayang.Last-last Dzul belikan so save duit saya..Eheheeee..

     Ok,Panasonic Lumix LX5 nama diberi..It's actually last year's model and I know I'm super sakai but still who doesn't kalau dapat barang baru kan? My old Sony has been a great companion until I left it with my sister..ahhahaaa..After that,I've been using my husband DSLR for awhile but it's too big and heavy! Imagine kalau ambik gambar sendiri angkat guna sebelah tangan,terketar-ketar! Ahahaaaaa...(Asyk-asyik gelak..)

Anyhoo,this new baby of mine tersangat-sangat la user-friendly eventhough I'm still struggling on being a pro while using it.I'm too lazy to open the manual so it might take awhile (or even longer!) for me to be one.So,jom tengok gambar-gambar LX5 ni kejap.

Cuma ada kaler Hitam dan Putih..Obviously I choose PUTIH!!



Purposely selecting 'FOOD' Scene sebab saya memang suka  FOOD!!


Ini favourite! COLOR MODE 'RETRO'
Yang di bawah ni adalah gambar-gambar yang diambil menggunakan LX5 without any editing and I'm using 'FOOD' scene.Kalau gambar tidak cantik tu bukan pasal camera ya,pasal tangan ni tak terrer! Saya terrer makan saja..eheheheee

Hah! Macam? Ada rasa lapar tidak??

Yang ni bercamwhore sekejap menggunakan muka sendiri..Muka penuh make up sebab baru balik dari kerja yaa.Ingat saya rajin sangat saja bermekap untuk ambik gambar?!


STANDARD *muka bajet kiut mesti ada*
Pendek ceritanya,I love everything about this camera..It's basically are like any other camera but compared to others that I've tried and tested before this one had definitely caught my eye..The features are nice and simple,easy to use and it's portable.Kalau compare dengan DSLR memang la DSlr lagi hebat tapi this is a compact camera,point and shoot..Portable senang bawak pegi mana-mana..

If you wanna know more about LX5,Google la sendiri ok..Ahahahaaaa..Kalau berkenan,di Low Yat Plaza ada tapi harga memang lain-lain so kena rajin jalan keluar masuk kedai because that's what my husband did before finally settling for this camera tapi still bukan di Low Yat dia beli...Eheheee..

Much Love from me <3 Suri