18 October 2011

It Breaks My Heart


How can someone just stood by doing nothing?
How can someone just walked away without feeling any guilt?
How can someone act as if they are blind and didn't see a thing?
How can someone became so deaf they couldn't hear her loud cries?

How can someone be so heartless?

It breaks my heart to see how cruel human can be towards each other and it's killing me that this little child had to suffer because of these stupid ignorant people! These people should be ashamed of themselves because they are worse than killers! I have seen so many cruelty in this world but this is just heartbreaking..This is sad..Astaghfirullahalazim...


  1. That not an animal, those people are blinded.
    Thankful the cleaner gave a help hand.
    Pity little girl hope you get well soon.

  2. orang yunk melanggar memang dah kejam tapi orang yunk lalu lalang tue n xtolong langsung that baby memang tersangat kejam..xberhati perut..bukan manusia agaknyaaa

  3. speechless.. mcm x percaya. but this is reality nowadays :'(

  4. rasa nak marah pon ada, kan...?

  5. tangzy

    true! but sadly she passed away :( My thoughts are with the family


    hairan kan mcmna org boleh buat bodoh je? sdgkn binatang kita tolong,apalagi manusia


    sy tgk pun menangis sb sakit hati dgn org yg lalu lalang tu..ntah la

    uncle gedek

    mmg marah sgt..kesian budak tu

  6. sampai sekarang i tgk je tajuk tu, xmo tgk.. xsampai hati.. stakat ni dok dgr je..xbrani tgkk..