20 September 2012

Human after all


I had always thought that I was different..I thought I was special..
I thought I had 'superpower'!
Well,not anymore..
I no longer have the ability to eat gazillion of foods without having to gain any weight!!
Yes,that was my 'superpower'...
..Actually,I've been trying to gain extra kg for this past few years as I have always been extremely skinny but this (gaining weight) was totally unexpected..
6kg before Ramadhan and just imagine how much have I gained after Eid with all those foods
during open house!
I'm not complaining or anything,I'm actually ok with this..Kinda worried a bit as  I've high cholesterol and I find it a bit difficult to breathe after having my meals..If I was still in high school lain cerita la,I was quite active in netball but now? Bangun dari katil pun dah kira heavy exercise for me ( or maybe because I'm just lazy..hehehee )..
Anyway,Alhamdulillah I've finally gained the extra kilo although it's a shame that I can't fit into my skinny jeans anymore..Ahahhaha!!

Scarf (SOLID PAISLEY in PINK) & Jacket (COMING SOON!)et ( from SASHOP / Maxi dress from ThePoplook
Dark Brown Retro bag from SASHOP

Stripey cotton jacket from SASHOP (UPDATE'S COMING SOON!!)

Dark Brown Retro bag from SASHOP

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Much love from me!


  1. i saw alot of people love the pop look dresses! im interested! <3

  2. Assalamualaikum
    Hai Suri :)
    Saya selalu follow blog awak, selalu tunggu post baru.. Tapi sejak bulan julai saya tak selalu online sebab saya baru deliver baby... Dan saya terlepas preorder untuk bag ni yang awak buat pada 12 julai... Saya sangat suka retro bag awak ni and dah lama sangat cari.. Kalau saya order sekarang boleh lagi tak? ... Pleaseeeee :)

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