17 July 2011

A Wedding


Congratsssss to Oda,elder sister of Nurul for her wedding yesterday! Thank you to Nurul and her family for inviting me.I'm sorry I couldn't stay long and didn't get the chance to meet the groom but I had a great time.The food was great and sampai sekarang masih teringat-ingat kerabu mangga kemarin! Sedaaaaappppp..Siap ada ice cream lagi okayyy! Tidak pernah saya pegi mana-mana wedding yang kasi sedia ice cream ah untuk tetamu..Hebat! According to the bride sisters,itu kerja Kak Batul..ahhahaaa...Thank you!!

Oda the bride memang cantik hari tu tapi saya tiada ambik gambar yang satu badan sebab busy photographer dorang and it wouldn't be appropriate to interrupt them doing their job.I took some pictures while I was there tapi tidak banyak but still,I hope you'll enjoy them.

To Oda and Fadhli,I wish you both the best in your marriage.May Allah SWT bless you with all the happiness this life may bring and cepat-cepat make cute babies okay!! <3

Didn't notice ada penyengat! Lariiiiii!!!

Cute flower girl


I wore something simple that day.I matched this brown vintage blouse from Offline shop (Anaabu racks)
with my old jawa sarong.

Much love from me Suri <3


  1. so comel la u..nice combination of a blouse n jawa sarong..sgt vintage~

  2. Nurul



    terima kasih aiko..

  3. so beautiful..really love ur outfits:)