21 September 2011

Nando's Date


Went on a date the other day with Nurul and her lovely sisters,Oda,Kak Batul and Izzah.Abang Adier their loyal companion was there to 'protect' them as always and it was actually his birthday so confirm la dapat hadiah! But I didn't give him any..ahahahahaa..Well,coincidentally all of us loves Nando's so it wasn't that difficult to choose a place to eat! Everytime pun Nando's..Nando's..Nando's..Ayam Nando's tu pun naik bosan tengok muka kami!

Nasibla x nampak rakus..pheww
muka happy dapat makan Nando's

Abang Adier and Kak Batul

bakal kena halau oleh security
Ini Nurul yang suka cakap-cakap tu..ahahahaa

Nurul looked oh so sexy!
Me? Shadaap you!!

Ada gaya Gossip Girl kan? Muntah sekarang!!

Nurul : Your tudung very the senget Suri

Shawl from Sg.Wang / Sunglass F21 (Yess..baru beli!) / Betsy.J. Bangles Sheabelle /
Ring Sheabelle / Top UK Primark / Feather Catcher Necklace in purple / Bag Agape Boutique /
Thepoplook Chiffon Palazzo in teal / Heels Agape boutique

Eventhough we almost got kick out of F21,it was a fun day and I really need some fresh air.When I'm out with Nurul and her sisters,seeing them all together making fun of each other reminded me of my siblings in KK.I miss 'em so much and I wish they were here with me..
Thanks Kak Batul for the treat and next time belanja lagi ok! :8) 

Much Love from me Suri <3


  1. hi kak suri :) dah lama mengidam nak beli heels from agape but the one that I'm targeting on now is 10cm of height. yg kak suri pakai ni berapa cm ya? :)

  2. Hi suehanna,

    kalau x silap x smpi 8cm pun..sb sy x boleh pki tinggi sgt,beli paling tinggi pun 7/8cm.. :>

  3. tq kak for that view. i don't wanna take a risk for my convo shoes! tc ;)

  4. cantik2 belaka...security pown xsampai ati nak halau la..:P

  5. I love the palazzo! Can you tell me the size you bought? Cause I'm petite so buying palazzo online is a bit risky :/

  6. umie
    terima kasih..bengang security tgk kitaorg! ahahha

    sy pun petite size n yg ni x pilih size pun sb palazzo ni muat for uk6-uk10..pinggang sy 26 n sy usually pki uk6/8..pinggang dia getah

  7. gossip girl apa nye duduk tepi jalan ;p okay just kidding.

    the pictures are pretty. you're pretty. nurul also pretty.

    pretty pretty pretty.

  8. nurul sexy & u r hot... lov d way u wore that tudung... do u hav a vid tutorial how to wear it?

  9. nikisa



    beli cpt di thepoplook! ehehee..


    duduk tepi jalan sb x mampu masuk Gucci..ahahhaa


    terima kasih..I don't have any but it's the same as Hana's first shawl tutorial.Only slightly different at the back..

  10. hello aryani suri yg cute..still remember me?? ouchhh u makin cantik bila berhijab...i follow u..pandai tak i cari u .. huhuhu