24 August 2011

How Cool is Uncle Gedek?


I never thought that self-portrait would be this awesome until I came across Uncle Gedek's BLOG. GEDEK stands for Gigabit Ethernet Data Exchange Kit (copy dari blog Uncle kejap..heheehee..) is by far the coolest person I've ever 'met'.At first memang seriously I have no idea what is his blog's all about as I can only see his own picture with random backgrounds and I don't remember how I got there but I decided to read his posts one by one.As I scroll down looking at all his pictures I noticed that he had the same facial expression on all of them! Ada yang lain jugak but only slightly yet still almost semuanya sama!

Here are some of his pictures but no captions.So to fully understand the meaning behind all these pictures,read his BLOG cepat2!

His beautiful wife and children

Kalau setakat tengok gambar2 Uncle Gedek dari blog saya ni memang tidak akan faham maksud gambar2 ni semua.Even while uploading all these pictures I laughed so hard macam baru first time tengok dulu! Read his blog,read his hilarious captions describing his self-portrait pictures and you'll get why I think he is the coolest and awesomest blogger ever! His pictures tells different kinds of stories although it is just a simple self-portrait but each one of 'em has it's meaning not just funny.Trust me,this BLOG memang best..

Much love from me <3 Suri

p/s : all pictures credited to Uncle Gedek Blogs Begin At Forty


  1. salam suri! follow u..

    akak pun suka blog uncle gedek ni..hari2 mesti baca punya! cool kan?

  2. Dia hensem boleh la...kita tak hensem...hehe

  3. mas saari

    thx kak! followed you back..uncle ni mmg cool!


    bkn psl hensem,psl sense of humor..itu lagi penting..klu dia bapak sy mesti cool gila!

  4. Gua pun review gak blog dia, tapi yang satu lagi.

    Bro Gedek is the best!