17 June 2012

The Opposite


Just a quick update as I need to sleep early for work (..and yes,I'm feeling lazy as always..) and I still haven't finish sorting out the parcel for tomorrrow..Anyhoo,thank you for shopping with me and InsyaAllah there'll be more stuff in near future :)

Scarf from Calaqisya/Dress from Thepoplook/Outer from my sister/Bag from Clubmod
 Gambar ni pun edit pakai iPad apps sebab terlalu malas pakai laptop..Maafkan kemalasan saya,saya busy membungkus barang..Eheheheee...

Before that,I've some Tribal Update for you guys! Do check 'em out!

Much love from me!


  1. beautiful =)
    love ur style sis =D

  2. sukaaaaa sangat tribaaallll <3
    kakak surii cantikkkk

  3. kak suriii, nak tanya dress dari poplook tu kak suri punya size apa? labuh tak? kalau tinggi 159 pakai labuh tak? huhu

  4. Kak suri :)
    Hi just nak tanya, dress poplook tu ape eh nama dia?
    btw nice tribal ! hehee