11 June 2012

An Eventful Day


From Ayu and Hairul's akad nikah to their reception and than Dian Pelangi's Plastic Doll and Rainbow Raya Collection showcase..FUH!!..Yet another busy weekend for me.. 

Dato' CT in da house!

I adore her so much!

And this is what I wore

My outerwear is from a vintage dress that I cut the skirt off..I've worn it before on Nurul's birthday last year :)
Scarf from Aussie/Dress from ThePopLook/Slingbag from MANGO/Heels from Vincci
 My first DIY ruffled necklace! I'm definitely gonna made some more of this!
 I love my gold/black chain bracelet..It's actually from an old blouse of mine..Cut it off and throw the blouse away!

Much love from me!


  1. i'm soo in love with ur style suri :)

  2. congrats for their big day :) and kak suri always gojess

  3. @ninazee thank dear ;)

    @umienaziera insyaAllah sy smpikn ;) n thx dear!

  4. gorgeous women in da house..semua cantik:)

  5. eh lupa nk ckp, necklace tu cantik..make for me too..hihi

  6. Sis, nak tanya. Sis pernah beli heels from agape boutique kn? Okay tk dia punya heels? Sakit or melecet tk bila pakai? Last question, why you are so beautiful? :)