09 August 2011

Stealing the RED PANTS Part 1


Alhamdulillah..I've finally have the time to update my blog.I'm currently in Kota Kinabalu spending my  5 days off with my family.With Aedel my 1 year old baby brother here,it seems kinda possible to take a few minutes off to sit down in front of the computer as he is seriously extremely hyper since he started walking.I gotta give credit to my lil sis as she had taken care of him since he was born..I on the other hand - I'm not really good with kids..eheheheee

Anyhoo,I've got this red pants from MNG and realized that it goes very well with some of the tops and dresses I've own so I decided to do a bit of experience and share few pictures as how I style it.I hope that you'll like them and do share your thoughts or ideas as well!  So here is Part 1..

Animal print scarf from Air Asia (Yes..AIR ASIA!)
                                     Black oversize top from my mum,Red Pants from MNG,
                                                    Peach handbag a gift from my in-law,
                                          Necklace and Ribbon ring from Le Beau Monde,
                                                               flower sandal from Vincci.


  1. nice combination. love love! ala nak red pants tu juga!! hehe

  2. you're soo beautiful, mashaAllah.. <3 ur turban style! :)

    following you, already!
    salam kenal kak Suri,
    Icha from Indonesia ^^

  3. can teach me how to where that scarf?