20 August 2011



If suddenly out of nowhere your husband/wife/bf/gf asks you,"Do you love me?",what is your first reaction? What's the first word that came out of your mouth? Is it an answer or a question?
Examples :

Bf : Dear,do you love me?
Gf : Of course I love you,you're my bf! Duh! ( cara perempuan gedik jawab which is very common among us..)

Husband : Dear,do you love me?
Wife : I wouldn't marry you if I don't,right? ( This is an example of indirect ' Of course I love you'  response )

Bf : Baby baby,do you love me?
Gf : Do yooouuu love mee? ( Example of a respond by asking back the same Q..alaaa,ragu2 la tu namanya..)
Bf : * aiii..aku tanya dia,dia tanya aku balik pulak!*

Wife : Sayaaannngggg,do you love me?
Husband : Ahh..ni kenapa pulak ni tiba2 tanya soalan bonus ni? Mesti ada la tu dia nak beli tu!
Wife : *macam tau2 jak laki aku ni*

Okay,contoh2 di atas memang annoying but can you relate to any of it? The examples above are just a made up conversation (Duh!! <-- obviously I'm gedik..) but do you see how easy it is to express how you feel towards others-doesn't matter if you meant it or not?  Directly or indirectly but still senang kan...

"Yess,of course I love you!!" *aku cakap NO karang marah*

Time senang,happy,berduit,kaya raya semuanya love sana,cinta sini,amour situ tapi bila susah? Kalau time belum kahwin senanglah,tidak suka boleh choww cari lain.." It's not you,it's me .." babai..But if you are married and Allah SWT menguji kita with thousand kinds of problems,is running away the easiest way out?
Bila suami/isteri kita sakit,sedih,menangis,marah of course we will felt the same thing.The pain,the tears and the anger,we felt all of it.Maybe not as much but enough to break our heart to see the person that we love going through a bad period of their life.

I wanna share something that have been told by someone that I know about a husband with a sick wife.I don't have to tell you the whole story but what he said about his sick wife breaks my heart.." If it's not because of the children,I would've divorce my wife because of her illness!.." Yes,I know it is not fair for me to judge him as I do not know how sick is her wife,I do not know how long has it been,I do not live their life,I do not suffer what he had gone through,I do not witness his pain and anger.I do not know how hard it is to be in his shoes but do you think his wife ask for any of this? Do you think it's fair for her? How would she feel?
What if he was the one who is sick and his wife had to go through all that same trouble for him?

Back to the time when you first lay your eyes on this special someone and you're crazy about him/her,do you fight for him/her? Or do you just stand there and wait for miracle to happen? You'd definitely fight,right?! It's the same as being married.The fight continues,it doesn't stop once you're married - that's where the real fight begins!

Ever since I got married,I felt more bless because I realize that I have someone to share my life with.I have someone to eat with,someone to hug every night,someone to watch a lousy movie with,someone to yelled at,someone to make fun of and the best part is someone that I can have a child with.My husband isn't perfect and so does myself,we fight and scream at each other when we're angry (actually,I am the one who does that..ahahhaaa) but trust me - we are very much in love with each other.Being married isn't easy especially for someone who never even think about getting married (Yup..that's me!),someone whose short tempered (me again!) and someone whose annoying as hell (Guilty!!) BUT it became less difficult when you have that someone who are willing to go through every step of the way with you..Everyday I'm learning ( not shuffling guys..),I hope I'll succeed to be a better wife for Dzul..InsyaAllah

I pray that all of you good people will find the best person for you to share your life with..aminn

"..Saying the word I LOVE YOU is easy,you can say it to anyone at anytime but it won't matter if you gave up when trouble comes.It won't matter if you stop fighting!.." - Suri


  1. I pun xsabar nak kahwin..haha..Gtal kan..hihi..

  2. nikisa:
    gatal nak kahwin takpa,klu yg gatal tp xnak kahwin tu yg susah..ahahah

    terima kasih! <3

  3. good tips for relation agree with all the statement...

    btw epi marriage yep cik puan cantek manis...