15 April 2011

Everything Looks Good in Black & White

As salam and a very good afternoon y'all!

Have you ever wonder why people love grayscale or black & white picture? Well I did,last night..ehehehheee...I flipped through some of my old pictures and some of them are in b&w and they looked much more awesomer than the rest of the coloured pictures.I noticed that no matter what my posed is,I'd still looked good (Yeah,right!!) in it.Here are some pictures (taken last night! LOL) for you guys just to prove my point.

Exhibit A

                                            Wearing a big nerdy glasses,you'll still looked cool!

Exhibit B
                                                    While reading your favorite magazine.
                                                        p/s: no..I'm not in the toilet guys!

Exhibit C
                                                            Eating your favorite snack

Exhibit D
                                             When you burst out laughing you'll still looked sexy!

Get it? Do you see my point clearly now? No? Well,it's okay because I don't get it either..ahahhahaaa..I'm just bored and I've got nothing else to do last night and all I could think of is doing silly things with my husband who btw was forced to help me making this entry a success.

Much love from me <3



  1. Suri,
    Buatlah tutorial how you wear hijab in blue color tu.
    Yang senget macam tu. Boleh? ;)

  2. actually nailah,itu sy just lilit sb time ni I was playing with my lipstick..Klu you tgk my entry on tumblr for this lipstick,tudung sy berubah2..eheheh..but i'll try to remember how i did it k...