06 May 2011

Alhamdulillah I'm 25..

Alhamdulillah I've turned 25 on 30th of April this year and I couldn't be happier.I flew to KK and spent a day to have dinner with my mum and siblings and went back to KL the next day to spend time with my husband.I'm happy to be with my family in KK even for a short time but it was worth it.To get to see them even for a second gives me a reason to forget all my sadness because living in KL without them is killing me! How I wish that I could just walk to KK everytime I wanted to see them...

I'm not really into celebrating my birthday because I'm used to not doing anything or making a big deal out of it.Dinner with my loved ones are more than enough and my husband was nice enough to drive me to this bazaar in Tasik Titiwangsa although it was raining and he wasn't feeling well.And my bestie Liza and her friend Tim was there too to meet me..I missed them so much!!

Few of my friends are opening their own booths selling awesome stuffs and it was super nice of them to give their line of Silk scarves as a birthday present for me! I love all of it and can't wait to wear 'em..InsyaAllah I'll post some picture of me wearing the silk scarves on my next post but for now here are some pictures on that day.There were no pictures of my family because I've forgotten to bring my camera with me as I was occupied with handling my baby bro Aedel..ehheheehe...FAIL!
p/s: ignore the muka pucat and jerawat di tengah dahi saya ok! purposely telling this so y'all can laugh..go ahead-laugh!

Thanks guys for the awesome gifts!! I'm happy to finally meet Yana of Petisuara and Kina of keyna69 personally whom I've only contacted via Twitter and Facebook.They were nice and friendly but I was a bit shy and mengada-ngada because I'm seriously awkward! Azlin the beautiful fair lady whom I've met the first time during Chic Pop bazaar still looking as radiant as ever and she even give me a discount! HAH! Guysssss....Looking forward to see and maybe lepak with y'all in the future..please make it happen!<3

Few pictures of my husband and me during our dinner at TGI's Friday.It was my first time eating there and it was nice.They sang the birthday song for me and few stuff happened in between which was new to me and kinda embarrassing but I loved it! Thanks hubby for being so nice and belanja your annoying wife even though you're not feeling well..You have been nothing but awesome and I thank Allah for giving me you..I love you!


  1. sis suri cantik! happy belated brthday ya :)

  2. happy belated birthday kak suri..

  3. hye dear:) i pun xlama lg 25 juga..he3.

  4. Hanna,

    thx dear! kita semua perempuan mmg cantik kan..<3

  5. Qilla,

    Thank you so much dear <3


    bila birthday?? c:

  6. sedapnya steak. happy birthday. so young and beautiful:)

  7. Salam sister, I am from Brunei and found your blog while I was going through iamjetfuel's blog. We both turned 25 on the same day :D And I have always loved to know the girls who share the same birthday with me. Happy belated birthday! - Anna

  8. suri.happy belated birthday!:)

  9. baru perasan entry ni :))
    muka saya oily gila.
    tq tau suri.

  10. just for ur info...tgi friday xdpt halal sticker...just to remind u dear..=)

  11. thx for all the wishes! sori lambat reply!!

    akudankamoo: actually my husband n i are particular psl stuff like this,before pegi kita dah check dkt Jakim and mmg halal..But thx for the reminder <3