27 May 2011

Beautiful yet Deadly...Eh! and also Make Up..


Alhamdulillah..Hari ni dapat update blog sebab charger camera baru jumpa selepas berapa minggu menghilang entah ke mana.. (Eh? Apa kena mengena dengan charger camera?)..Eii! Anyhoo,my husband and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides and I gotta say it was actually as great as the first three.What I love most on this fourth installment is that they have mermaids!! One of the beautiful yet deadly creature mermaid Syrena was played by a French actress Astrid and she fell for Philip the missionary which was a very "awwwww.." moment for me but the ending really leave everyone's guessing.What happened after she pulls him into the water? I assumed she tried to safe him but how? I want more!!.I want more!!.And Gemma Ward the cute baby face model turned actress was on the movie too and she can sing very well! About Penelope Cruz,well I'm not really a big fan of her but she was okay-talking in her sexy accent playing the typical seducing lady like she always does like in any of her films before so there's not much of a surprise there. Overall it was great and I personally think that it's even better than the two sequels.I enjoyed it very much and hopefully there'll be another awesome sequel!!


In another unrelated story,I bought a make up palette from Sephora.Yay! Setelah berapa kurun memakai mekap yg sama dari mula kerja sampai la sekarang,baru dapat merasa beli mekap baru and mahal sikit..Ehehehee..Syok jugak first time masuk Sephora.Nice building design and inside was very glamorous.The price was quite reasonable and the staff were friendly.

I bought this Sephora Smokey Eyes make up palette inclusive of four eye shadows,a mascara and an eyeliner.I'm not much of a make up person and only use them while working,so it's obvious that I do not know how to put a proper make up except for some basic stuff.Ohh..It also comes with a step by step instruction on how to get the perfect smokey eyes which is good for an immature like me. c:

And I also bought a Sephora Rouge R21 Ingenuous-cream lipstick.It's actually pretty similar to M.A.C's Blankety but a bit more pinkish.Nanti mau try la pegi kerja esok! aisehmen..excited pulak macam budak2 sekolah dapat pensel case baru..LOL

Anyway guys,have a good night and may Allah SWT bless us all..Much love from me!


  1. xtengok lagi citer nie..
    kene tunggu abess exam dlu r..

  2. Duyung tu semua cantik cantik!

  3. ella: sy pun lambat tgk jugak sbnrnya..ehhee..takpela,hbs exam nnt suma movie boleh tgk kan?! a/way,gud luck on your exam!

    Rhona: yaaaa...cantik kan? suka sy tgk!!

  4. kak suri, brp range harga brg kat sephora?n how much your lipstick costs?berminat jgk ni!

  5. izaty: klu yg sephora dr rm45 and above..ada brand lain yg import mmg mahal la..yg lipstick ni rm49..dah try pki n mmg bgs! lasting jgk and seriously mcm MAC tp murah.eheheee