07 May 2011

Satin Silk Scarves with love

As I promised on my earlier post,I've taken some pictures of the silk scarves that was given to me as a birthday gift.I love all the colours and I've bought my first in black colour from Ami of Sptnkswthrt and I fall in love with it so that's why I was extremely excited to get not one,not two but three silk scarves!

The first one is from Yana of Petisuara.She and her sisters have their own line of silk scarves and many more.Check out their online shop CalaQisya and you'll be amazed with what they have to offer!

Flippin' yo!

This is from Azlin.She picked this for me and I love it soooo much.It's actually Peach but the lighting doesn't do any justice to it and turned out to look a bit light pink.I don't own any peach colour scarf as far as I can remember because I don't think the colour would suits me but it's not that bad..Well,it's not bad at all if I must say! Eeeee..perasannya!! Check out her blog in pretty pattern

Crown princess

And last but not least,the striking orange silk scarf from Kina of keynaboutique.Never thought that I would wore something so striking and loving it! I'm trying to find the perfect outfit to match this colour and I can't wait to share the picture.I love this scarf Kina!!

 I'm a Gypsy!

So guys,what do you think of Silk Scarves? It's so in right now and it's easy to wear! I personally like wearing it because it's very light and easy to style,very comfortable and you won't feel hot wearing it!

Much love from me <3


  1. u look so damn gorgeous.

    i wanna request, the 1st and second. so eager to noe that so..plsss!

  2. thx y'all..sy mmg nak buat tutorial tp my compact cam is with my sister and vdo cam tinggal di kg..ahhaahaaa..sori k..insyaAllah next time sy buat..<3

  3. well in my personal opinion.. your face is so stunning.. that's why all the hijab look good on you dear.. :).. mashaAllah

  4. hehe.. suka tengok moi.. cantik selamber..

  5. ooppps! sorry.. suri.. yg MOI atas profile tu stand for what?

  6. Eyqa: terima kasih <3

    Akma: thx Akma..*blushing*

    yatt: ehehheee..thx yatt! MOI tu a french word for ME..

  7. macam mane nak pakai yg flipping style tu>????