10 June 2011

Featured in Aquila Asia


Have you heard of  a magazine called Aquila Asia? Yes? No? Well,I've bought my first copy of it's May/June issue after being introduced by kak Sue Anna Joe on Facebook.Thanks to her,my Scarflets sisters and me were featured in this issue!! (Okay,this is my first time so please bare with my annoyance..) Read her entry on Aquila Asia HERE.


Okay,ini gambar Maria Elena memang besar! When I told her about it,she didn't believe me until I showed it to her in Twitter and then again at the Fashion Rehab Bazaar. And HERE is her entry.(Ooo..now I remembered that I haven't made an entry about the bazaar yet! eheheee..tungguuuu! )

Also featured was the Hijabistas community in Jakarta,Indonesia.Look how colorful they are! Beautiful ain't they?

And this is our beautiful sisters in Singapore..

Aquila Asia is not just a magazine for Muslims,it's for everyone.If you think this is just another fashion/lifestyle magazine,you are wrong!! Buy your own copy of the magazine and you'll know what I mean.

You can also check 'em out at their Facebook Page.

Okay..Okay..That's all! Go and buy your own copy ok!

Much love from me <3

p/s: Pardon the picture quality,thought of scanning them but decided not to as I'm not clear of the copyrights..c: