02 June 2011

What We Do Best - Camwhoring!


Yesterday my best friend Liza and I went  to KLCC and our friend Tim as always took some photo of us fooling around and trippin' macam la cantik sangat.I'm quite excited as I get to try my new scarf from iamjetfuelshop! ehehehee...Okay la,malas mau elaborate panjang lebar..Enjoy our pictures!!

tengok hidungku,bulatkan?

shorty me!

time to go home!

Scarf from iamjetfuelshop Leopard Jet in Sahara
Polka Dot Vintage dress
Leather bag from unbranded shop in Incheon
Leopard print flats from UK Primark

 That's all for now.BTW,my friend Liza own an online shop Puteri Bunian Boutique selling beautiful hijabs and muslims wear,checkout her blog HERE .

Much love from me <3