12 June 2011

My first macaroons


One word - MACAROON..I know a lot of people knew what a macaroon is but I don't.I've heard about how popular and delicious it is but I've never eaten it until last week at Empire Gallery,Subang.Thanks to Nurul and her sisters who were seriously busy walking around looking for the best macaroons they could find.Selepas satu kedai,satu lagi and then lastly we ended up buying them at this small yet cute shop called WHISK.

WHISK - espresso bar/bake shop selling the best macaroons I've ever eaten in my entire life! Okay,maybe I'm exaggerating because it's my first time eating one but it was good.Seriously good! They also have variety of cakes and everything looks yummeh!! The main counter displaying only cake was beautiful and there's this one area where they placed their beverages was creatively arranged according to types of drink that they're selling.I immediately fall in love with the shops design.I love how they promote their stuff by writing it on the mirror wall because it's different from any coffee/bake shop I've been to.

I wish I could take more photos but as the space was quite small and they were many people around,I've only managed to snapped a few.

mirror wall

Kedai ni best sangat! Biar kecik tapi comel and bersih..InsyaAllah ada masa,lain hari saya datang lagi.Maybe next time boleh try one of their cakes pulak kan? Okay..itu sahaja!! Please do share with me if you know any bakery shop selling the best macaroon in KL okay?..Thank you!

Much love from me <3


  1. macaroon mmg sgt sedap dear:)
    i pernah juga singgah kedai tuh:)

  2. Try Macaroons at Harrods. I find them better than Whisk's, and less sweeter than the other macaroons at other shops =)

  3. Nikisa

    O ya? Cantik kan kedai tu! Macaroon dia sedap n manisssss! ahahhaa


    Thx for the suggestion! Whisks pya sedap tapi btl it's too sweet..insyaAllah i'll try the one in Harrods c:

  4. Kedai dia di mana? Hmmmm terliurrrrr

  5. rhona

    di empire subang gallery,lupa tingkat berapa..ehehhhee

  6. i tak penah rasa lagi macaroon...
    tapi ramai yang cakap sedap..

  7. whisk punya macaron memang terbaik. i love it! texture, and taste sangat sedap. my favourite - strawberry shortcake. cakes dia pun sedap :)

  8. Salam, just stumbled into your blog because Yuna promoted it on Twitter :)

    I've tried sooo many macarons, and even the original French confectioner, Laduree.

    Sorry to say, what you tasted in Whisk is not the real thing. Or even if you go to Hilton PJ, for that matter. They're just sugar with a 'hint' of the flavour that they represent.

    If you're up for it, for something that comes close to the REAL thing, try Nathalie's Gourmet Studio at Solaris Dutamas/Publika. InsyaAllah, you won't be disappointed :)