01 June 2011

More than Just A Song


I believe that some of us choose to describe or show how we feel through songs,am I right? NO? Berani jawab NO!! Ehehehee...Tidak kisah la sedih atau marah atau gembira,we have our own song that can describe exactly how we feel at a certain moment.Different people different choice of songs so I'll take the easiest example of people iaitu orang yang bercinta.Time2 bercinta kan most of us have mixed feelings,confuse la,overly devoted in love,today I love you tomorrow I hate you and so on.To cut it short here's few example of songs following how we feel.

'I Hate Everything About You' by Three Days Grace

Rasa marah kan dengar lagu ni? Aahhahaa...If your partner annoys you or break your heart,try and listen to this song.Pasang full blast on your speaker and sing or should I say scream together with the song and we'll see ada ka tidak orang tampar muka anda sebab orang yang tidak marah pun akan marah dengar suara sumbang anda melalak! It will either made you feel good afterwards or even more angrier than you already are.Tapi bestkan kalau dapat nyanyi and siap dedicate lagi lagu ni depan2 orang yang buat kita marah tu? Mesti best!!

'Here In You Arms' by Hellogoodbye


A happy love song memang best! This song is fun fun fun (Rebecca Black much?) to listen to.The lyrics are quite jiwang kan? This is actually one of my favourite song and I always listen to this on my way to work..Sudah jadi macam rutin pulak.

 'Have I Told You Lately' by Rod Stewart

Lagu jiwang aka Love songs memang banyak bersepah! Kalau dilamun cinta seja,semua lagu cinta ni kononnya pasal kita.Start la senyum2 sendiri and imagining both of you holding hands running in slow motion pakai baju kaler putih macam iklan tampon di tepi pantai.Ceh!! Super duper cliche punya sindiran..Yaii!! *elehhh..saya pun sama jugak*

'Turning Table' by Adele

There's a lot of reasons to feel sad about but in this case for a couple it's PUTUS CINTA! If love song bersepah,lagu putus cinta pulak beterabur!! Bila putus cinta,dengar lagu Barney and Friends pun boleh nangis.Siapa yang pernah putus cinta mesti tau kan? Siapa yang tidak pernah rasa,cuba la try next time.

Okay so far that's the only 'feelings' yang best describe a couple (nampak sangat malas..ish ish ish).If my choice of songs suck please forgive me but I know I'm still awesome no matter what.LOL.

Either you're feeling angry or happy,like I mention earlier some song plays important part to describe how you feel.Rather than writing a love letter bukan ka senang just go to YouTube and search for songs that you wanted? Tidak payahla takut malu grammar salah or finding the right complicated word to describe your confuse feelings,tidak payah risau pasal handwriting hodoh macam cakar ayam,tidak payah susah2 cari writing pad and atleast safe sikit pokok2 di bumi ni!

Alright,before I end my useless rant let me share my choice of song that best describe how I felt towards my man.My loving-funny-annoying husband.I'm not good at showing my feelings,I'm good at being annoying,irritating and my husband knows that but he still love me so this song really helps.

'Something About You' by Jamelia

"..I hope to God you feel the way I feel..."

Much Love from me <3


  1. whoaaa..what a coincidence?! ur comment notification pop out on my phone while i'm listening to Adele's Turning Table few minutes ago!

  2. ha3 really.... im obsessed with all Adele songs lately...