30 April 2012

26 isn't just a number...


Alhamdulillah I'm officially 26 this month...

By Ben's Cookies.. Best wa cakap lu!

Saya Datin Suri!! Yeay!!

Sesi potong orang..Eh! potong kek

Muka happy dapat hadiah

Love 'em all! p/s: Tengok muka Yana and Wan..JODOH!

With the beautiful mummy Oda..

Awesome people

OhhhSome people

I am deeply touched by this birthday surprise and I wanna say thank you to Kak Batul,Nurul,Yana,Farah,Izzah,Oda,Wan and Ben and the gang yang memang awesome!! To Abg.Ben (abang ke adik? ehhehee...) your smarties cookie cake was sedap sehingga menjilat hidung and even my hubby loves it! Again, thank you for the gazillion thousand times to all of you for the surprise,the gifts,the crazy games and most of all your love..

Much Love from me Suri


  1. happy bufday sis :) wish ur dream came true..

  2. Boleh tak buat tutorial? nak try la style kak suri :)

  3. colourfull!!!! Happy Besday :)