02 April 2012

I Love You to the MAXi !!??


I have always had difficulties choosing the right outfit to wear - EVERYTIME!! It's not a matter of looking good or anything,it's all about being comfortable especially if it requires me to wear the same outfit throughout the whole day.. I've been in a situation where I've chosen to wear a pants just because it look good on me without considering how much difficulty it would brought me afterwards! Yeahhh of course I look good (puiihhh!!) tapi satu hari struggling to make sure it wouldn't fall down everytime I bend over! So much for looking good while trying to keep my pants up all the time kan? *facepalm*

Anyhoo,lepas start bertudung ni,I'm more into maxi skirt :) ..It's comfy and the best part is it's not tight (unless you're wearing the one that does..Duh!) .. Sekarang ni,most of the time memang pakai maxi skirt sja..Pergi mana-mana pun maxi skirt sebab senang! I've bought most of my skirts from ThePopLook as the quality's good and it's affordable.I've got like in six different colors from them sebab malas keluar jalan beli dekat shopping mall as I hate crowds and I'm an extremely lazy person! Eeheheheee...

camera hanpon la katakan

Ni saja gambar yang saya mampu upload untuk post pasal maxi skirt ni sebab tak ingat mana saya letak gambar-gambar lain..Nasib la jugak ada gambar baru untuk di share,takdela menyampah korang tengok gambar yang sama kan? Ahahahaaa... 

Much love from me!

p/s : On a serious note,I would like to say THANK YOU to all my deary readers for spending time reading my ntah apa-apa ntah blog,I appreciate it very much! <3


  1. comel nya suri ni...btw, if u nk buy maxi skirt yg more cheaper, go to sungai wang dear..top floor..it may b unbranded but d quality is ok n plus yg ptg..u will look pretty in it..;)

    ehh..i folo ur instagram..sbb suka tgk u yg comel..;D

  2. maxi skirt selesa n sesuai untk yg bertudung..aurat tu penting :)
    kak suri mmg cantik

  3. xpa..leh cuci mata masuk blog u..

  4. bag oren last pic!!!!! beli mana? terbekenan sudah,.... :)

  5. saya suke poplook jugak! =)