28 April 2012

Bought 'em..Never wear 'em


You know how sometimes we buy stuff that we don't really need just because it's cheap or maybe because at that time you might be thinking "Oh! This kinda look nice on me.." or "..I should get those,I might need it someday.." so you just bought it,without knowing that it might ended up unused or untouched or whatever..

A person as myself who doesn't have that much money to cater all my ridiculous needs of having a huge closet full of expensive and beautiful clothes (which,I don't have btw..) does experience this problem sometimes..Although sometimes I'll wear them eventually after I've figured out how or when to wear them before deciding to sale or just gave 'em to my sister tapi kadang-kadang rasa macam sayang pulak.. Yes,sayanggggg... I'm not the type of person yang senang-senang buang barang just because I don't see the use of it anymore,kena fikir banyak kali itu pun belum tentu buang! It's actually a good thing and not so good either as it I might need some of the stuff later yet it takes a lotta space.. Ahhhhh! Decision..Decision..

Bought this midi tutu dress from RedrumMurder and I don't know what was I thinking at that time.. Although it's a simple dress but I have no idea on how to style it..Nope! No idea at all.. So yeah,this dress will be in my closet-unused for a long period of time..What a waste biarpun murah!


I have this tweed jacket since early last year if I'm not mistaken and I never get to wear it until now! Well to be honest,jacket ni sebenarnya tebal and that's one of the real reason why I never use it sebab tak logik la guna baju tebal-tebal dengan cuaca panas terik di Malaysia ni kan..Apa buang tebiat ka?! Tapi lagi la tak logik sebab suda tau tebal tapi beli jugak..Oh,mungkin at that time saya angan-angan,"..alaaaahhh,tahun depan kan pegi London! Boleh main salji dengan penuh bergaya pakai tweed jacket ni! Awww!!.." ..Yeah,right! 

Pendek cerita jangan beli kalau setakat ikut nafsu..Impulse purchase or impulse buying orang putih cakap..Orang putih cakap,bukan saya cakap..

p/s : Membazir itu amalan syaitan..<-- It's a very well-known fact and yet most people ignored it.. *note to myself*

Much love from me Suri...


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  2. i think the tutu dress is pretty. very feminine. maybe you can just match it with a bright colour loose top. good luck. XD

  3. the tutu dress tu cantik,ingtkan u nk jual :D

  4. tapi seyess cantik dress nie..cumanya maybe xsesuai dgn cuaca kita