12 April 2012

F.C.C : Make-Up Your Mind


When talking about 'HALAL' it doesn't only consist of what we-as a Muslim eat or drink but also what we wear or put on our body and in this case -> MAKE UP... Have you ever heard of F.C.C ? It was formerly known as FARMASI - a certified HALAL Turkish cosmetic that offers a wide range of make up especially for us ladies and the important thing here is it's HALAL!

F.C.C or Farmasi Colour Cosmetic offers you an extremely affordable  make up essentials with beautiful vibrant colours and each product is packed with Vitamin E,not to mention the nice scent that you'll experience everytime you put them on! It helps built up our confidence even more if we smell nice right?

Well,what are you waiting for? Get them HERE quick! InsyaAllah you guys will fall in love with this brand just as I did..

Let me share some of my favourites so far...

FCC Silky Touch Compact Powder

FCC Powder Pearls Blush (Came in 4 colours)
FCC Terracotta 4 Colours Eyeshadow (6 palettes available)
FCC Optimal Style Mascara for a quick natural long-lash looks and their best-selling KOHL Eye Pencil in Extra Black

FCC Maxi Rouge Lipstick (Crystal Look)

Much Love from me!


  1. untonglaar kita tau dah ada yang betul2 halal :P

  2. how to wear FCC Powder Pearls Blush? pakai macam blusher biasa ke? unique. hehe

  3. wow this is a new thing for me! thanks for the recommendation babe! :)

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  5. Salam Suri Aryani, T.kasih banyak2 Suri for your great review. Gambar2 pun sangat awesome plus modelnya pun cantik :-)
    Untuk teman2 bloggers sis Suri Aryani, bolehlah jenguk blog akk jika berminat untuk mencuba products FCC. Inshaa Allah, you will love it. ianya HALAL, berkualiti dengan harga yang sangat berpatutan.