15 May 2012

...and today was


 "It’s just like every other day 
Where people stop and people say
 It’s just like any other day
 I’m pleased to meet you 
I hope I make your day..."
 - Wet Wet Wet

.I'm on standby duty today but office didn't call me up as I guess there were no flights for me today so Alhamdulillah - I get to stay at home and spend time with my husband.. bagus jugak la sebab with this heavy cough and fever that I'm having,boleh pecah kepala kalau buat flight hari ni..Uhuk Uhuukkk!! *itu sound effect untuk batuk*

I'm always complaining of being bored and have nothing much to do when actually I've lotsa stuff going on around me,I guess I just didn't pay that much of attention or maybe because I'm just too lazy to bother..So,this is pretty much what I did today - with my camera that is..ehehehee..

 My rainbow notebook - where I write and sketch and conteng just about anything especially when I have nothing to do.. Usually I would sketch on yellow section and if I have anything random to write down or conteng I'd go for green or blue..I have this habit where I usually wrote down words while having a conversation with someone (provided if I have pen or paper with me..) because looking at people eyes whilst talking is too difficult for me.I know it's considered as being rude but that's how I am..and yesss,a lot of people including my husband had complained! Sorryyyyyy..eheheheee...

 On the 'PINK' section,I have my short 'daily Dua' notes.. I copied some of 'em from the internet and pictures that my friends shared in FB and keep it in my iPad but it's too heavy to be carried around so decided to write them myself..I love writing as much as I love reading so I have no problem spending some time doing this and today I've finished writing another additional Dua! Yeay!

 A good type of TYPO! A TYPO yang tidak memalukan and have nothing to do with you not knowing how to spell.. These are my new writing pads from a shop in Pavilion named TYPO,they have lotsa cool and quirky stuffs from stationery to decorations and many more.It is a must for me to go to TYPO everytime I went to Pavi even if I have nothing to buy because rasa macam some kind of satisfaction by just wandering around in that shop.. You have to check 'em out!

 Knock..Knock.. Katinggg!! (bunyi loceng rumah..ahahhaaa) Bukak pintu and the postmen asked," Suri Aryani?" and I replied,"..No,Robin Scherbatsky.." Yeah..As if.. Bought this watches from MilkADeal last month and they arrived today? I almost forgotten about it as the company who send out this cheap deal promised a delivery within 7days of working from the date of purchase..Well,helloooooo..today's 15th! I've waited 3 weeks but Alhamdulillah they had safely arrived.Comelkan jam ni?

Episode 90
 Ahhhh..Running Man -the awesomest,bestest,craziest Korean variety show in the world! I cannot go a day without atleast watching an episode of this show..I have all the episodes from 1- 94 and never got tired of watching all of it again and again and again..Hari ni baru habis tengok episode 94 and as always lucu gilak! Cepatlah datang Malaysia Running Man oii!!

Am I a boring person? I hope not..Eheheheee...
Anyhoo,hope that everyone have a great day ahead..

Much love from me!


  1. Replies
    1. i didn't know that stewardess can be in hijab...which airline? im glad they did!

    2. Dayana,we don't wear hijab :(...

  2. me thot of asking the same question..heheh..

  3. Suri, ur jawi handwriting cantikkkkkk! MashaAllah tabarakallah. ;)

  4. Terima kasih Nailah.. Ini pun tulis slow2.. Eheheee

  5. sya suka mmbaca,xsuka menulis..cantik tali jam tuh

  6. suri, masih stewardess AA lagi eh?

    kita suka tgk tulisan jawi yg cantik2 ni... sbb tulisan kita buruk. hahaha

    1. Masih :( ... Pernah mintak tukar department tp xde vacant..

    2. la ingat dah tukar lain dept. study dah habis? lama menghilang baru jumpa balik.. tup tup dah fofular dengan scarflets ! i like ur style ;)

  7. owh,you stewardess ke? Kalau keje u tak pakai hijab la eh? tak try tukar keje ke sis? :)

    1. dah 2tahun sy try lepas start bertudung,xde vacant lagi mana2 dept.. maybe sy pindah balik Sabah n try department di sana..doakan la sy k :)

  8. lawala you pakai turban :) btw i pn ska giler running man ;D

  9. Suri, do you just not feel comfortable looking at peope in the eye? I just curious because my hubby does that too, and I'm the one who always complains :D