11 May 2012

Scarflets and Hijabista


A day full of blessings and laughter,funny moments and lotsa lotsa pictures!! That's what happened on my last Saturday at the soft launch of Hijabista's magazine at PWTC.. It was great to meet my Scarflet sisters and we even took the train together to PWTC which was a funny moment for us..

On stage with the Hijabista's staff and singer Farah

There was also a fashion show by AllyaMysaraCouture and below are some pictures of the outfits that I've managed to captured with my not so awesome camera..

Manja sungguh pose Ami

Sama ke?

 Z awesome and beautiful ladiesssss...

Curik from Ami - Ami with two beautiful ladies from HiJup - Diajeng and Zara

Curik this pic from Rina
What will happen when a group of ladies rode the train??
Curik lagi from Ami

Scene 1

Scene 2

I'm wearing Cala Qisya's Tutu Maxi Skirt in pink..I need to get the gold one also! 
Goodies from Hijabista - Dian Pelangi scarf and Hijabista Mag
 Eh? Ada video?? Video apa??
Okay..Before you click on the video below,I'm gonna have to warn you guys that you might laugh after seeing this but please don't..You can definitely tell how awkward I am in front of the camera but please tolong jangan gelak although I myself did.. ahahahaaa...

This isn't a make-up tutorial,I just wanna show you guys how easy it this to use this Dip Liner from FCC which is so different from other liquid eye liner as the tip is a bit hard and for a make-up noob like me,this is an amazing eye liner for me!
Trust me,it's so easy to apply and it stays longer and I've been using this since! Although it stays and doesn't smudge,it's easily removed,so don't worry.. :) Much love from me <3

Buy FCC Dip Liner and many more of their products here


  1. dalam train pon sempat gila2..ohsem!!! ;)

  2. ermmm tergelak sikit la (ok tipu, maybe tergelak banyak hihi) but it's a helpful review :D. tapi dipliner tu seriously ke rm19.90? ke yg aku tengok tu benda lain? anyway, love your blog. been viewing it since its 1st post.


    1. Jahat!!! Ahahahaaa.. Ye,btl la tu rm19.90..thx for ur support!

  3. Assalamualaikum.

    Suri, so creative lah you buat tudung bawal camtu. Sweet je tengok. And ... hehehe ... video tuuu ... hihihi ... itu je mampu ... nak gelak sebenarnya ... :p

    1. Yeeeee.. Tu je mampu sb maluuuuuu! Ahahaahaha

  4. Kak suri,buatlah tutorial tudung bawal cam akak pakai tu:p hehe Cantik!

    1. InsyaAllah k.. Mmg nak try buat :)

  5. suke scene number 1 tu !! LOL *curik gmbr tu;p*

  6. comey2 semuanya! ^^ suka tudung bawal tuh, ajar la ;)

  7. muka mmg sebijik cam diana amir ;))
    suka tgk suri pakai tudung gaya tu. tutorial pls?

  8. bestnye goodies for HIjabista, ade tudung Dian Pelangi!!! whooo!!!

  9. hi there!

    im writing in to inquire for your contact number. we're producing a Hijab Fashion TV Program and would love to feature you in one of our epidsodes. I can be reached at rebecca@mirrakh.com

    Hope to hear from you real soon. Thank you.